On the International Day without Plastic Bags, July 3, 2021, the “Plastic free Archipelago” initiative was launched.

Since 2018, Zlarin has made significant progress in reducing pollution with disposable plastic through the initiative “Plastic free Zlarin”, but also a shift towards the concept of sustainable tourism through which visitors come into contact with the content related to environmental issues. “Plastic free Zlarin” initiative, led by Zlarin based non-profit association “Tatavaka” co-designed, in collaboration with association “Together for Krapanj” and Tourism Boards Zlarin and Krapanj-Brodarica, a way to move forward from Zlarin to other Croatian islands: through the initiative to form a “Plastic free Archipelago”

Krapanj thus became the first station of the Plastic free Archipelago, which has ambition to expand to other island communities. As on the island of Zlarin, 10 island caterers and other small businesses primarily responsible for reducing the distribution of plastics signed a "Plastic free Krapanj Charter" at the Spongiola Hotel and pledged to phase out disposable plastics.

In addition to that, two new members joined the Zlarin circle of caterers and shop owners who operate without plastic: Peak'n'Peddle Croatia and Oš'griz.

The launch of the initiative was made possible by the support of the BeMed - Beyond Plastic Med Foundation with co-financing from the City of Šibenik and the SMILO - Small Island Organization